Friday, June 13, 2008

Persistance pays!

No, this isn't someone's garden, it is the street! Last fall when pumpkin smashing was sport for a few local teens, some seeds must have lodged between the street and the curb. This one survived rain, snow, ice, countless encounters with the snowplow and road salt, and finally the warmth of June produced this proof that persistance pays. When I walked by the other morning it was in bloom looking lovely. I had to get to work, and didn't have time to go home for the camera. I went back later after the blossom had folded, but took a photo anyway.


Tine said...

That is amazing! I feel bad for it though, even with all that hard work, it won't be able to grow for long :-( I guess where it is now, it'll be considered a weed, and someone will pull it out :-(

Pumpkin-smashing?! They need a hobby!

Suzanne said...

How amazing that it managed to survive and grow. Hope you have a good weekend.

julieQ said...

How neat that the pumpkin won. We have had a rash of pumpkin smashing the last few years around here, too...sad, huh?