Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One former UFO and a big improvement.

Has anyone else ever made a quilt just for the back of the couch?
Hallie has to be part of every project - the self acclaimed project manager.

The colors didn't come out well, but this jacket was in UFO status for six months or more. I needed something to wear to church Sunday, so I sewed on the sleeves, made the buttonholes, sewed on the buttons, and presto! it was no longer a UFO. It is really a rich chocolate brown with very bright orange accents. I think the camera must have focused on the project manager, seated just in front of the jacket. He kept wrapping himself up in the jacket while I was trying to photograph it.

This is the back of the couch from outside. It makes me happy to see the big improvement when I come up the driveway and see it in the window.

It used to look like this. Sitting in the sun for ten years caused some serious discoloration.

I must apologize for the random order of the photos. I often forget as I am loading the pictures that the first one you load is the last one that will appear. You would think I could remember that little detail. I suppose there must be a way to rearrange them, but I can just barely get them posted - I am not computer savvy. :>}
Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!


Tine said...

That quilt looks so great on your sofa!! And yes it is a big improvement :-) But lets face it, a homemade quilt is ALWAYS a big improvement :-D
The design and the colors are beautiful!
Good for you to finish a UFO, the jacket is pretty, it's strange how it is just so hard to get those last bits finished sometimes.

Suzanne said...

Isnt it great when you complete an UFO. Good on you. I also have trouble uploading photos in the right order and the link business sometimes sends me crazy. If you want to play along I have a tag on my blog.
Have a great day.

Daisy said...

Oh the quilt is quite beautiful, Diana! And your "project manager" is quite beautiful too! Cats are such good companions. :)