Thursday, March 8, 2012


A few years ago Larry gave me this charming painted coconut for my birthday. It is a happy reminder of the place we hope to go someday (Hawaii). I get it out for a day or two every year in March. Facebook makes having a birthday so much fun! Thanks to all who left me friendly greetings.We went to Lake Farm Park to see the quilt show again this year. We got to witness the birth of this little lamb. It was a single birth, and the baby is about twice the size of multiple birth lambs. The mama needed a little help from two charming young girls there to assist her. It took her about 30 seconds to recover from the experience, and then she carefully washed her baby off. Within twenty minutes the baby was on his (or her) feet ready to check out his new surroundings.
I understand that quilt etiquette dictates that we not publish photos of peoples' quilts without their permission ( learning that took a lot of the fun out of blogging for me) but I thought maybe one little portion would be okay. I love these colors and this skillful work
I was feeling nostalgic on my birthday this year, and remembered some birthdays past. When I was six my mom and dad gave me a Barbie doll with a case and lots of clothes and accessories. Barbie was new back then, and my friends and I had lots of fun playing Barbies.

When I was sixteen my parents gave me my own sewing machine! That was a wonderful gift because it meant I could sew whenever I had time, without having to consider if someone else (such as the rightful owner, my mom) might want to use the sewing machine.

Do you have special memories of birthdays past? I hope you'll tell us about them.


Daisy said...

I love the painted coconut. I hope you get to go to Hawaii someday. I've never been there.

How exciting to see the baby lamb being born! I'm sure the quilts at the show were all beautiful too! I'm glad you had a nice birthday.

I remember when my parents gave me a sewing machine too. I still have it and use it occasionally, but it doesn't work as well as it once did. It's been 40 years since they gave it to me, though! haha! :-)

ladydi said...

Hi, Daisy! I take my sewing machine to be serviced every year; it helps a lot. The one I have now is actually the one my parents gave me for high school graduation, an upgrade from the 16th birthday machine. That still makes it 38 years old!

Suzanne said...

Your day sounds wonderful. I hope you make it to Hawaii soon, just after you come to Australia 1st.

Baby lambs and a quilt show sound like a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday.

ladydi said...

You're right, Suzanne, Australia should come first! Thanks to blogger I have learned that Australia is more than really large, scary spiders, which is what used to come to mind whenever I thought of your country. Now I think of friendly people who love to make things and take pictures of them, just like I do! (Only the ones in Australia have a very cool accent.)

Locket Pocket said...

Happy Birthday Diana! I tried to leave you a message on facebook but I don't think it worked ;o)

Hope you had a lovely time. Lucy xx

ladydi said...

Thanks, Lucy! We had a very lovely time. I do enjoy admiring all those quilts, and the baby animals were adorable. We saw eight piglets age two weeks, running around and squealing.