Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The glory of October

October has plenty of charm, even if the colors aren't as vibrant as they are in July. The hydrangea has a rosy color that is lovely.Homemade applesauce is tasty, and the apples have been excellent this year.
I wish you could see how beautiful these orange berries are - the color didn't come out nearly as bright as they actually are. Unfortunately they aren't edible, and I don't think the birds eat them either, or there wouldn't be this many!
The leaves are turning yellow, orange, red, and brown, and we try hard to enjoy the delights of October without lamenting that winter is coming.
Life has been too busy to get much crafting done, but it is great to have time to play outside. Larry and I walked down to the field at the end of the street and played trac-ball a week or so ago. It was such fun, and made me feel about 7 years old.


Tine said...

That last picture is so beautiful! Yum, homemade applesauce, that does sound delicious :)

The Gingerbread House said...

Hooray! Apple sauce :o). Where did the summer go?
I was so busy, I didn't realize it was passing through :o)

Daisy said...

That is a lovely rosy color on the hydrangea. Thinking of you and Larry playing trac-ball made me smile. Young at heart is the way to be if you ask me. :-)

ladydi said...

Thanks, Tine! It is a pretty time of year. I like a crunchy apple best of all, but applesauce is a good way to use apples that have a few bad spots. It makes a tasty side dish. Mmmm. :0)

Miss Ginny, your summer lasts longer than ours does, you lucky gal!

Next time we come visit, we'll bring the trac-ball, Daisy. You'd like it, too, being young at heart yourself!

anne from finland said...

I think you can get many good ideas for your crafts from nature! So beautiful colours! I am just planning to bake some apple strudel! We also have made apple jam.

ladydi said...

Anne, it's nice to know that though we're an ocean apart we're doing the same things!

Suzanne said...

Everyone in our house loves homemade apple sauce and we never make it. I cant stop thinking about apple sauce and pork oh yummo.