Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Vacation!

We took our first vacation in 11 years this week, and what fun we had! It got off to a wonderful start when Daisy agreed to meet us for lunch in the park near her home. Wasn't she brave to meet us? You know what they say about people you meet on the internet - they could be scam artists or ax murderers. I was so excited when I saw her drive up in her darling little red car. She arrived bearing gifts! Let me tell you, after a day of hiking and swimming, coming back to relax with a good magazine and caramel filled chocolates was a treat indeed.
Daisy often shows pictures from the park where she walks most every day. I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to see it in real life. Their community provides the perfect place for the whole family. Two playgrounds, a pool, ball fields, and lots of walking paths. We ate lunch in the park.
Don't we look like sisters?

After lunch Daisy had to go back to work, so we continued on our way. Our final destination was the Lake Shore Resort in Saugituck, Michigan. It was a pleasant ride through a lot of corn country. Now I love trees as much as anyone, but seeing the big big sky surrounded by corn was a real treat, without the usual trees to block the sky.
The resort has a heated pool which we used all three days we were there.
Just across the street and down 83 stairs (!!) was a lovely beach on Lake Michigan. We spent a lot of time there, and even tried kayaking for the first time. We could see the lake from our room.
The sunset over the lake each evening was stunning. This photo doesn't come near to doing it justice. I took dozens of photos to give me models for future quilt projects.
Buzzards are my favorite birds - angels in the sky. I was pleased to see that they came on vacation, too! Now that our trip is over and the washing machine is getting the sand out of our clothes, we have some wonderful memories to go with all the pictures we took.


Daisy said...

Looks like you had a great time, Diana! I'm so glad you got to go on your trip. Those beach and sunset photos are lovely. It was so nice to meet you and Larry. Thank you for the lunch invitation and gifts. It was a delight. :)

ladydi said...

Oh, Daisy, it was wonderful to finally meet you in person!

Margaret said...

Looks like a nice relaxing time. Living relatively close to an ocean, it always amazes me to see a lake that large.

Suzanne said...

How wonderful to meet a blogging friend in real life, I hope you feel like a drive to Australia one day.
It looks just divine where you went for you holiday glad to hear to had a wonderful time.

anne from finland said...

Wow! This looks so lovely! I´m sure you had a nice holiday there!

Heckety said...

That's a LAKE? Are you serious? Any body of water that size I've seen is the ocean! I'm amazed!

What fun to meet Daisy- little secret here, anyone regularly reading your blog would probably have trouble mistaking you for an axe murderer!!!!

I'm glad you had fun, and it looks like you had gorgeous weather too. Its good to get away in order to appreciate the joy of coming home too!