Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool Cars

Larry and I saw some amazing cars last weekend at the antique car show. The people who own these beauties have put hundreds and hundreds of hours of labor into restoring them.It reminded me of a quilt show! It's a lucky individual who finds something they love to do, and have the time and resources to do it. I count myself among the lucky ones.
The hoods were up to show the immaculate state of the engine and all those other car parts that I find quite mysterious.
I wish I'd taken notes about the year, make and model of these treasures.
Aren't they spectacular?
Unlike a quilt show, the owner was often sitting on a lawn chair beside his vehicle to answer questions and talk cars with anyone interested. Very impressive!


Suzanne said...

Those are some lovely cars, it really is a full life when you have a passion and enjoy doing what you love.

Daisy said...

Really great looking old cars, Diana! They really keep them shined up and looking pretty, don't they! :D

The Gingerbread House said...

That sure looked like a lot of fun!
The cars are beautiful..and looked very familar to me :o)..Guess I was around when they were also in their hay day :o)..I'm glad you had such a good time .Ginny

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those cars are amazing! Lucy x