Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lake Farmpark 2010 Quilt Show

A quilt of a quilt show! How clever is that?
These beach scene quilts were made by two different people, both missing summer! The one on the left had real shells stitched to it.
This one is hilarious!
Sunbonnet Sue, one block for each month.

Well, here's one we've all seen before. I like the location they chose for it.
Isn't this cute? The person who made it won "Best of Show" last year with a similar theme in a much larger quilt. Her family members liked it so well she made one for someone else. Brutus is Ohio State University's mascot, and scarlet and gray are their school colors.
I love this basket of flowers! Right after I mentioned to Larry how much I liked it, he pointed out that the label shows it was made someone from the same town we live in. Maybe we'll meet someday.
This impressed me the most. It is completely hand pieced and appliqued, and hand quilted.
See the intricate stitching, all done by hand.
A beautiful sparkle-y castle! I thought of Suzanne's daughter Shakira and Tine's daughter Viola when I saw this.
Lake Farmpark has more than quilts. They have lots of animals, including brand new baby pigs - 14 of them - born just yesterday. It was so cute seeing a little heap of pigs sleeping under the heat lamp.


Daisy said...

What wonderful quilts, Diana! So many neat ones to see. I don't know how they could ever choose which is the best. I like the spot they displayed yours in too. Looks like it fit just perfectly there. It must have been great fun to be there!

Suzanne said...

Oh wow I loved looking at all those quilts, it really must be hard to pick any favourites out of them all.
Thank you for thinking of Shakira she would have loved to see them all too, isnt it funny we often think of you when we visit our craft fairs to see the quilting.

BTW the bloom photo from Brooke, is I think a bottlebrush, which is from the family plant name callistemon, not sure on the spelling and I think it is native to Australia.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your quilt looks fantastic on display! You must be so proud!!! Lucy x

The Gingerbread House said...

Congratulations, I recognized your quilt before I recognized you :o)...It seems that you had a lovely time, nice of Larry to share your joy...I was happy for you...Ginny

ladydi said...

Oh, yes! It was a delightful afternoon. There were 212 quilts to admire, and lots of animals as well. The show goes through the end of March, and then my quilt will get to come home. Thanks for joining me at this exciting event! I can see my sons rolling their eyes at the word exciting in connection with quilts. At least they don't call them blankets. :>}

Heckety said...

Oooh what gorgeous quilts, and amusing, and the one with the books, you're right it does seem familiar!!!! Well congratulations because its such a joy to have a quilt in an exhibition!The huge appliqué one is amazing, imagine putting all that work into one piece? And I like the basket one too, I'm looking for a basket for my next quilt after I've finished the pink yoke!
Love the piglets too!