Sunday, July 19, 2009

S is for summer, sewing, swimming, and secrets. . .

It's been a bit cool for swimming, which is okay, because it gives me more time to sew. I am making slow progress on the I Spy quilt. If you have a 65th anniversary coming up, don't look any further! Secrets are about to be revealed. Perhaps you'd like to go check your email. :>}

If it weren't for my very talented blog friends, I would never have tried making this card . Thanks, friends, for the inspiration to try something new. Larry's parents are celebrating their 65th anniversary this week! This card is for them. They do read my blog, but I'm hoping they observed the above warning and are off reading their email. :>}

These coasters were so much fun! Each one is about 4 inches across - just little bitty quilts.

I've never made a table runner before, but my mother-in-law uses them all the time, so it seemed like a good project.
I hope she likes them!


Suzanne said...

Hi Diana, I recognise some of the fabric in your I spy quilt.
Larry's parents will love the card and gifts you give them, hope they didnt keep reading :).
Hope you get the swimming weather soon.

Daisy said...

Your I spy quilt is looking great! I see your feline inspector is checking it out and giving his approval. :)

Your table runner and coasters are very pretty. What a lovely gift!