Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A day off and a to do list.

I had a day off and a to do list. The beach sounded like more fun, so off we went.

It was heavenly! (If you'd like to see more photos just scroll down to a year ago. We pretty much duplicated the day. :>}


Suzanne said...

Surely it cant be a year since you shared your day with us. I remember wishing it was summer here so I could do the same.
What a wonderful way to spend your day off, the to do list can wait.

ladydi said...

Suzanne, I was surprised too, to see that it was just one day shy of a year ago. We had such fun playing in the waves, which were a bit bigger than last year. :0) It's a fresh water lake (Lake Erie) so we don't have to worry about sharks, jellyfish, undertow, or other scary things. I agree, the to do list will always be there!

Daisy said...

I don't blame you. I would have put that to do list aside and headed for the beach too. Such a beautiful spot to get away from everything for a bit. I'm glad you had a chance to have some fun. :)

Jodie said...

Your parcel arrived today on my
40th birthday. What a lovely surprise.

ladydi said...

Thanks, Daisy, it was lots of fun! We have company coming tomorrow, so I REALLY need to get on that to do list, but you can't pass up a perfect day at the beach.

Jodie, hurray for the post office, your package got there in record time. If I had known it was your birthday I would have put in something besides selvedges! Happy Birthday; I hope you didn't skimp on the cake.