Saturday, July 25, 2009

Old books and old music

This book was first published in England in 1946. Elizabeth Cadell has been one of my favorite authors for forty years, and this book is my very favorite of the thirty-some she has written. I am rereading it this week and my family can hear laughter coming from wherever I have perched myself to read. I have a nice collection of her books, thanks to ebay.

I must admit feeling a bit of distress when hearing my favorite music referred to as "Oldies". For pity's sake, this music isn't OLD. Yes, I came to love it in the 60's, but that doesn't make it old. Don't you love Simon and Garfunkle? My favorite song on this album is "The Sound of Silence"

We had to look underneath some leaves to see that the morning glory is indeed glorious.


trashalou said...

Wow! that is an amazing message. I'm not sure I can compete with that! All I was going to say my 10 y.o.daughter is also loving that particular cd so I thinkm rather than 'Oldie' it should be classed as 'Timeless'.

ladydi said...

How wonderful that a 10 year old is enjoying these timeless (thanks! that sounds better than oldie) treasures. I was about 11 or 12 when this album first came out.

Suzanne said...

Ebay is just a wonderful source for finding things.
The "Oldies" makes me smile, the other day Allan's newphew said he worked with an old guy when we asked how old he was, he replied early 30's,.
Also Shakira after hearing stories from my day now asked me if I did that in the olden days.
I am sure I am not that old.

ladydi said...

I remember when I was a child and my parents talked about their childhoods. I thought it was practically too long ago to contemplate. I suppose our children feel the same way about my childhood, but it seems so recent to me. (and the music was great!)

Daisy said...

I love Simon and Garfunkel and also Paul Simon when he sings by himself, as well. Great music! I'm glad to see your morning glories have begun to bloom too! Very pretty color! :)

Anonymous said...

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