Sunday, October 5, 2008

Productive Stalling

The sky was so perfectly blue today. Doesn't Mr. Buzzard show up nicely? I love watching him fly. He soars and glides, and doesn't do any of the flapping and squawking that other less majestic birds participate in.
I had an alteration to do for someone. I didn't feel like it, so we went for a walk instead. This picture doesn't do justice to the fall colors coming out on the trees.

Baking for the family seemed much more important than doing alterations.

A tasty pot of potato soup to go with the rolls.
Gotta get those bills paid. I wasn't quite desperate enough to clean the bathroom. After the bills were paid I did the alteration, and you know what? It only took 45 minutes, giving me time to blog. I even have time to clean the bathroom. (I wonder if I will, though? :>})


Daisy said...

You had a busy day!! MMMM, that potato soup and bread look delicious. My mom used to make the most wonderful potato soup. Try as I might, I can never make mine taste like hers. Congratulations on accomplishing so much. You deserve a bit of time for yourself now! :D

Jodie said...

Starting those sort of projects can be the hardest part.

Tine said...

That's a full day!!
The bread and the soup looks delicious! YUM!
I wish people would stop expecting you to do their's sooooo not the fun kind of sewing!

The Gingerbread House said...

I would love a couple of those delicious looking rolls (a slice or two of the bread would do :o) all I'd need is some soft butter and maybe a little bowl of that potato soup< I've never had that! Just stewed potatoes , is that about the same thing? Ginny

ladydi said...

Potato soup is very easy! I just put about six to eight cups of water in a pot. I peel and slice as many potatoes as I feel like using that day - usually around eight. Put onion salt in the water, add the potatoes and cook until tender. Mash the potatoes while still in the water, add as much sour cream as you like, blend with a whisk, and there's your soup. My mom used to use chicken broth instead of water, but water works well for me.

Tonya said...

YUM! you have me hungry for potato soup and homemade bread lol

Everytime I put something off, it never is as big a deal as I was making it out to be. But I am with ya, I hate doing alterations. I have two pairs of pants that need the hems shortened. Maybe I will tackle that today : )

Nikki said...

Ahhhh... blue skies are great! We're starting to see a few more of them lately in this part of the world.

Heartwarming home-cookin' to boot. There's nothing quite like home-baked bread!!!

Suzanne said...

Baking and a walk sounds more enjoyable than alterations.
You soup looks so yum and the bread is making my mouth water.
Have a good weekend.
The blue sky makes me want to fly.