Friday, October 3, 2008

Home Gym

Some days are just too wet to exercise outside.
So we exercise inside, instead. These exercise balls are the best invention, and to add variety we use the stepper and some weights.

Gunner Peterson's workout videos are great!
Sometimes we just do step aerobics while watching a movie. It makes the time go fast.

You've seen our exercise room before. It is our living room, where we had quilt camp in the summer.
When company comes for dinner we use the folding table here, since our dining room is a bit crowded with sewing supplies.

Larry and David make music here, too. It reminds me of the multi-purpose room in our elementary school. The library was in one corner, and at lunch time the custodians, who were very strong, pulled the tables out of the wall so it looked just like a lunch room. Afterwards they wiped them off and pushed them back into the wall. Presto! It was a gym. During school assemblies and plays it became an auditorium complete with stage. I've often thought what an efficient use of space that was, although a lot of work for the custodians!


Daisy said...

Diana, you use the space you have very efficiently. We have to do that here too. Our house isn't very big so we make due with what we have, and it works out just fine.

I remember the multipurpose room at school too. Yours sounds just the way ours was with the hideaway tables and all! :D

Tine said...

You are very clever figuring out the best way to make room for everyone and everything. You must also spend a lot of time cleaning up and moving things around. I'm way too lazy to do that -and our apartment is too small for me not to have to do it :-) LOL!

Natasha Burns said...

I love multi purpose rooms! Our lounge room is also a play room and my painting studio. I hate having to pack everything up all the time though!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! and yes you should have a tea party, why not?!!!