Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring!

Today I celebrated the first day of spring by putting on my flannel lined jeans, a turtleneck and sweatshirt, my winter jacket, and mittens for a walk to the store. Looking out the window tells me that tomorrow we'll be observing the second day of spring by shoveling the driveway - it's snowing again.

I did see some bulbs coming up in the garden - in the parts that weren't covered with snow.

My son, David, gave me a gift card to JoAnn Fabrics for my birthday two weeks ago. On my way home from visiting my mom I detoured through Solon and had a dandy time deciding how to spend $40. I got a yard of the most gorgeous blue to do something with someday, and two fat quarters of forest green - a color lacking in my stash. I must have 15 greens, but not that color until now. My quilting needs work, and I found a book to help; "Machine Quilting Made Easy" by Maurine Noble. They must have had 200 books in that store, but this one looks very helpful, so it came home with me. In addition I bought several zippers for purse projects, some thread, a new blade for my rotary cutter, and a little bitty quilt bat. Being used to Wal-Mart prices I was surprised at how much everything cost, but it was a fun outing.

I'm making placemats for a wedding present, and am happy to tell you that two pieces I bought several months ago just because they were so pretty are just perfect. When I finish them I'll try to remember to post a picture. I've been out of the shower/wedding loop for a while and have an etiquette question for anyone who has an answer. The shower was last weekend, and I had made a lovely wall hanging with the bride and groom's names, their wedding date, and entwined gold rings. I also gave them a cookie baking book and a homemade apron and pot holders. Sara tells me that that is the only present I need to give, but I'm pretty sure that the shower present and wedding present are separate; thus the placemats. I also made a present for the cat - his own pillow, since I happened to have the most beautiful cat print on hand. (Love that stash!)

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