Sunday, August 5, 2012

(Almost) all moved in!

We are getting a lot of exercise running up and down the stairs as we move our things in and decided where to put them.  And then look again because we can't remember where the hundreds of things we relocated ended up.
I have a sewing room!   In it's former life this was the formal dining room, but since we don't do formal dining, a sewing room seemed like a splendid use for it.
Remember when Blogger used to have you put the last picture you wanted to display in your post, first?  It was very confusing, but in my ignorance I thought it still worked that way.  It's been a while since I have posted any photos.  I could start over, but you'll get the idea and I don't have much time.
The truck came on Wednesday, August 1 to remove the largest items.  We moved the smaller ones ourselves.

A well deserved rest after a busy week of moving.
Sun Porch
I love the big open kitchen.

As you can imagine, our cat LOVES his catwalk.
I obviously have a lot of relearning to do if I want to use Blogger.  I did want to show you our new home, but don't have time to rearrange the photos in the order I intended them to be.  Truck first, front door next,  then stairway,living room, kitchen, porch, finally, resting after a busy day.

Time to go do something.  We still have a lot of things to bring from the storage unit(s).  Take care, and enjoy the rest of the summer. (or winter if you live down under).


Suzanne said...

Your new home looks so big and open, enjoy your new sewing space. I like that it looks like your cat and Larry are happily settled in already.

ladydi said...

Thank you, Suzanne! We still feel like we're on vacation, where everything is in a different place.

Daisy said...

Your new house looks lovely, Diana. Starting over in a new place is such an exciting time. And how wonderful that you will have your own sewing room! I'm sure you will love it there. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

Liz said...

I LOVE your new home Diana!! Thanks for having me over! Thanks for blogging. :)

ladydi said...

Thanks, Daisy! I'm looking forward to sewing again. It's been a while!

Liz, it was wonderful to see you last weekend; we always enjoy your company! I told Daniel what you said about being jealous of his closets. I am, too. Ours are just like his, but for two of us.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I was going oto be jealous of you until i saw the steps< then i decided to let you have the joy of going up and down ;o) hope you enjoy the new place will write again ya Ginny