Friday, June 3, 2011


I love June! I love the long daylight hours and watching things grow. Look - I found some socks growing! I am loving knitting lace socks in Ginny's yellow yarn. Thank you, Ginny! I also used it for a stripe and the toe of Larry's new socks. It knits up so nicely. Knitting a lace pattern is lots of fun, but I can only do it when I have time to pay close attention to what I am doing. "Plain vanilla socks" (as the calls them) is for when I'm visiting my mom or watching Jeopardy! with my family.

We're optimistically trying to grow pumpkins again. This year we planted them in full sun, hoping we may actually get a pumpkin this year. We have always gotten lovely greenery and gorgeous flowers, but never a pumpkin. The raspberries are looking good. My dad gave us our raspberry bushes several years ago, and it's fun to remember his gift of growing things long after he has gone.

It's swimming season again! In case you don't see much of me this summer, please know that I am happily occupied with all the joys of summer (and the usual 40 hour work week :>}

Wishing you, my blog friends, all the best!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

If had that pool you wouldn't see much of me either :o).
The greenery looks promising..lets hope for the best.
The sock will be nice and may need and extra shoe size to wear them out...

Daisy said...

I love June too. Best month of the year, I think. :)

The socks look great! You've become quite talented with your knitting in a very short time. Good luck with the pumpkins. We used to grow raspberries at the house where I lived growing up. It was always my job to pick them. I have fond memories of those times.

Enjoy that pool as much as you can! Fall will be here again before you know it. :-)

ladydi said...

Thank goodness I won't be needing wool socks for a few months, Ginny, but I have shoes that can accommodate nice thick socks when the time comes. :>}

Thanks, Daisy! It's amazing how fast the seasons speed along from one to the next. Some year I'm going to use ALL my vacation time in June and enjoy it to the fullest.

Suzanne said...

Nice to hear swimming time has arrived again for you. When you look back over the year you realise how fast the year has gone.
Also happy to hear that your socks wont be needed for a while.

ladydi said...

So true, Suzanne! When I skim over my blog for the last three years it gets a bit repetitive. I seem to do the same things season to season. You know, complain about the snow, rejoice in swimming. . .

Heckety said...

My one sock is still waiting to be finished as I got confused and gave up on it. I was hoping to wear my very own knitted socks this winter...I know! I'll post it to you for finishing!!!
That pool looks too inviting, if we ever got summer here I'd be in water for sure! I love the longer evenings, and the colour in the sunsets and things starting to grow and just the possibilities in summer.

Enjoy yourself!