Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ten out of five

This amazing book gets 10 out of 5 stars in the rating scale. It actually contains heaps of useful information, while making me laugh so hard I can barely breathe. My sister sent me an Amazon gift card, and I am so happy with the results. Thank you, Sara!

I tried to read the following aloud so Larry could see why I was laughing so hard, but I couldn't do it. He had to read it himself. On pages 64 and 65 she lists reasons to carry a knitting bag. "5. The breath mints you keep in your purse won't have yarn fuzz on them. Just regular purse lint."

While teaching us to analyze our fibers and get correct measurements and knit useful objects, she has us laughing every stitch of the way. Great book!

Remember how I was going to start right in on "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler"? Well one of the gals at work is having another granddaughter. I started making quilts for the babies and grandbabies in our office a few years ago. I have resorted to cheater panels to keep on hand, after painstakingly piecing and quilting the first four quilts. I ran out of time to do anything else. The teddy bear quilt on the left is a ready made panel I just had to bind. The new baby's big sister, age 22 months, likes Dora the Explorer. Thanks to a huge snowstorm that kept me from venturing to the fabric store, I found Dora fabric on ebay. I decided a 22 month old who loves Dora wouldn't care a bit about fancing piecing, so I made her a whole cloth quilt, with very simple four inch grid quilting and a pretty aqua binding. A good evening's work.

Dear Mother Nature,
Please tell whoever invented Daylight Savings Time that it has nothing to do with the sun, moon, stars, birds, trees, or animals. Daylight is when it is regardless of any effort on our part to manipulate it. And I hate losing an hour of my weekend!

Let's see, what hour can I afford to give up? My hour of exercise first thing in the morning? Okay, I admit, that was the first to go. My hour of blogging time on my day off? I don't think so.

This amazing clock on the outside of our porch changes to the correct time all by itself! It must be the same magic that makes cell phones work and other such mysteries. We've had the clock for four or five years, and it is endlessly useful. When we're shoveling the driveway before work it gets us in the house in time to get a shower before leaving. In the summer when we're swimming before work it gets us in the house in time to take a shower. Guess which I like better?

The striking clock on the piano doesn't set itself. The easiest way is to stop it and wait to get caught up. The other way is to take it through the cycles so the striker and the time don't get confused. A confused clock is not a good thing. Don't you keep juggling balls on your piano?


The Gingerbread House7 said...

The quilts are darling, Mother nature doesn't give a hoot about what we think about time..don't make her mad or she will keep the Sun at bay!

Daisy said...

That book sounds like it is a perfect one for you, Diana.

I think the quilts for the little ones are very cute, and they will love them. It is a very generous way you use your time and talents to make those baby quilts.

Daylight savings time is a nuisance, isn't it, but I guess we might as well adjust the best we can. In my mind it is a sign that spring may finally be arriving, and I'm all for that! :-)

Tine said...

The Dora quilt is wonderful! And when you choose such a great print, there is defiantely no need to do any fancy piecing. The aqua binding looks great too!
We don't have daylight savings for another week or so - I don't like it either.

Suzanne said...

I really love both those quilts and your knitting book sounds like a good and enjoyable fun read.
I am surprised about your clock it just looks like an old fashioned type of clock.
We don't have daylight saving on this side of Australia and while we are 3 hours behind relations on the east side during summer I don't mind one bit as I am not fan of daylight saving.