Sunday, September 26, 2010

Someone knows. . .

how to grow pumpkins and gourds, even if we don't. Next year we're going to try planting them in full sun, but for this year we were able to buy some. Aren't they beautiful? Don't you love the goose shaped gourd??
Making progress on Larry's socks. I used up the first ball of yarn before the first sock was finished. I started the second sock with the second ball just in case I couldn't match it. In that case I was going to knit the toes in a complementary color. Hurray - I was able to get a third ball to match, but that explains why I have two partially finished socks. :>}
A friend at work loves to bake, and she's having a birthday, so I'm hoping she'll like her apron.
Larry's dad is also having a birthday. He likes airplanes, and was in the US Air Force during WWII. I am hoping he will like his new pajamas.
I have to step outside of my comfort zone for my next project. I'll keep you posted.


Tine said...

I love the pumpkins!!!
The socks will be beautiful and I am certain Larry's dad will love those pj's!!
So....what's your next project? I'm curious ;D

ladydi said...

Hi Tine - your new photo is beautiful! The next project is two quilt squares that I volunteered to sew before I even knew what the pattern was. It's for a charity raffle. One of the squares is something I can handle, but the second one has waaay more points and pieces than I am comfortable with.

The Gingerbread House said...

My aren't you getting to be a real smarty at knitting! :o)
Already learning how to manipulate the yarn :o)
The Pajama's are beautiful and what a neat idea for the fabric choice..I'm sure he will be pleased with them, and how nice of you to do it..Ginny

anne from finland said...

Wow! You are so busy! I love all those presents you´ve made! We planned to knit socks for all our male fellow teachers and we give them near to our Father´s Day in November! We stay once a week after work together to knit.

Daisy said...

The pumpkins and gourds are great, Diana!
All of your craft projects look wonderful. You are so generous with your talents. Those will all be lovely gifts.

ladydi said...

Miss Ginny, I was inspired to knit by you clever Blogger knitters. I love having a portable project that can be picked up for even five minutes if that's all I have, to do a round or two.

Anne, how nice to have a group to knit with after work. I don't think anyone I work with knits. :0/ Lucky teachers to get such a wonderful gift from their co-workers!

Thanks, Daisy! The pumpkins and gourds we planted got off to a great start, but ended in dismal failure. Thank goodness for tomatoes, or we would think we just can't grow things. :0}

Suzanne said...

I love pumpkins we used to grow lots of them and many other vegies years ago, but not anymore.
You have been so busy sewing, enjoy.