Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's a good thing. . .

that remarks about the weather don't actually affect it. Otherwise I would be even more unhappy that our swimming season ended rather abruptly. Right after I mentioned the heat in my last post the temperature dropped. The pool water went down to 62 degrees, and there's no recovering from that once the daylight hours are shorter.

Closing the pool is a lot of work, and no fun at all. Fortunately it's done for another year. This time of year I always fantasize about having an indoor pool. Totally expensive and out of the question, but fun to think about.

On the bright side, it was one of our best swimming seasons ever! I logged about 58 miles, one 18 foot lap at a time. All that turning is very good exercise. LOL! Last year the water was pretty cold most of the summer, and I doubt if I swam more than ten miles. The strange thing is, I feel like I'm flying when I swim, but it takes me 42 minutes to swim a mile. It takes 20 minutes to walk a mile. How can that be?

I have started knitting another pair of socks, this time for Larry. I hope this pair won't take three months like the last one did. If it does they'll be ready just in time for Christmas. Do you believe that Christmas is in just over three months? Time to get busy with our projects. :>}

I hope you have a lovely week!


The Gingerbread House said...

Stop your griping about closing the pool! At least you have a pool :o)
Here in NC it's been so hot you didn't need a stove just put the eggs in a pan on the Patio, add some water and have boiled eggs! A swim or two would have been delightful ..what was your address again :o)
P.S. I'll do the cooking, while you keep the water temp under control

Suzanne said...

Another season passed so quickly. The way time seems to move it wont be long before your summer will be starting again.
I always love how you talk in foot and miles it reminds of my parents. Australia converted to the metric system and I always use kilometres and metres. Miles and feet make sense with the hour clock though.

ladydi said...

Miss Ginny, I can see the obvious solution here. You need a pool! Your swimming season would be much longer than ours. I'll come help you get it ready. :>}

Suzanne, when I was in grade school the US had plans to switch to the metric system. For a few years all our measuring devices included both. For some reason it never took off, and here we are with our inches, feet, yards, and miles. And I still have the old measuring devices with both!

Daisy said...

I'm sad to see the summer end too. At least you got to enjoy the pool quite a bit this year. It was great weather for that this year. Good luck with the socks for Larry. I bet this pair will go faster than the first pair you made now that you've learned how to do it. :)

ladydi said...

Yes, Daisy, it's been a great summer. I'll keep you posted on the sock progress! (It's nice of you to care. :>})

Locket Pocket said...

How fab to have a pool! And I don't know why it should take over twice as long to swim a mile as to walk one - unless it's because you are lying down when you swim so there's more of you horizontally travelling the distance!?!?! ;o)

Lucy x

Tine said...

that's a lot of swimming!
Miss V just started taking swimming lessons this fall ;) she loves it! hopefully she'll be a great swimmer like you!

ladydi said...

Lucy, I think it must be the water resistance. When I try to walk in water, it's hard! And you're right, it is delightful to have a pool, especially this year which was perfect for swimming.

Tine, how wonderful that Miss V is learning to swim. It must be indoors to be starting in the fall. I am so bad about packing up my suit and towel and going somewhere and having to pay, and change clothes, and then come out with wet hair. I believe the term for it is ***very lazy***. I love the convenience of swimming in the back yard!