Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing moms! I hope you have had a delightful day.
Two of my favorite authors have just had new books published. Once again I got to go hear Jennifer Chiaverini talk about her book and read an excerpt from it. I do love hearing authors read their own work. She was charming as always. This is the fifth time in five years I've gotten to do this, so I'm beginning to feel like a friend of the family! Her mother introduces her, and then she amuses her audience with insights into writing and researching. Research for this book required four trips to Hawaii. The poor thing, such a hardship, and twice she had to miss out on some of Wisconsin's snowy winter to do her island research. :>}
A member of our extended family had a brand new baby girl last week. I didn't hear about it until after the fact, at which time I inquired about color preference. When told pink and purple, I looked through my stash. I had lots of pink and a little purple, but not a lot that went together. A little trip to the store yielded this printed panel that was already quilted. All I had to do was cut out some strips in a matching color and add binding. 45 minutes to make a quilt.
Not my usual way of making a quilt, but it's pretty cute. It's also much lighter weight than the ones I usually make, which could be a good thing.


Daisy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Diana! I had a nice day today and hope you did too. Your flowers are gorgeous!

I have to feel sorry for Ms. Chiaverini having to do all that research in Hawaii--what a hardship! HA HA!

The teddy bear cute is very cute! I'm sure it will be much appreciated. :D

Daisy said...

HA HA! I meant to write the teddy bear QUILT is very cute! Ooops! HA HA HA!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Diana - you'll have to let me know what the new Elm Creek book is like - I have all the others and will be adding this to my birthday wishlist!! Lucy x

Heckety said...

The teddy bear panel is very pretty! Sometimes its better just to make something like that instead of waiting to make a pieced quilt- I know I load myself down with too many 'gift' projects, and then panic when they don't get done in time.
I've VERY JEALOUS of your books! Two authors I really like! I'm off to add them to my Amazon Wish List RIGHT NOW!!

PS. Last week (you won't believe this) your apron was on stage! two performances of a fairy tale version of 'King Lear'! Fame!

Suzanne said...

Happy Mothers day to your Diana.
I love the quilt and it so reminds me of Shakira mum crocheted her a blanket and Shakira ask for a pink and purple one. Mum of course did not really like these colours together but been a kind nanna went and did it.

Those books look very interesting and you will enjoy the read.

The Gingerbread House said...

The quilts are really nice! Wish I had some of your energy,I'm sure you are going to enjoy your books..