Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anniversary Giveaway!

This is the first apron. It is for Heather, since she was the first to specify which fabric she likes.
Now all I need is your address, Heather! You can email it to me at
This is the other side of Heather's apron since the fabric isn't thick enough on it's own to absorb many spills.

Did you ever buy some fabric just because it was pretty? You didn't have a plan for it, but bought it anyway? Or did you ever buy far more than you needed of a gorgeous design, knowing you would use it someday?
Or did you buy a lot to make curtains, then change your mind?

Buy fabric that reminded you of someone?
Or have a dress that made you look like a hippo, but was made out of really cute fabric?
or see something that was such a bargain that you couldn't pass it up?
I have answered yes to all of these questions, and I had an idea. Aprons! I am going to make aprons for my blogger buddies. These are not fancy aprons, they are the kind to wear in the kitchen when you are baking for fun, or cooking because your family has to eat even though you'd rather be playing. They're the kind to spill things on, throw in the washing machine, and then spill something else on.
Just leave me a comment letting me know if you have use for an apron, and what fabric appeals to you. I will make several, but not more than ten!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a lovely idea and a great way to use up your fabric! Lucy xxx

ladydi said...

Lucy, I would love to make an apron for you. Do you have a fabric preference?

Lady Hopwood said...

What a lovely idea! I know who has a use for an apron, me to give to my 16 year old daughter. She loves to bake, and whilst I love to eat the proceeds, I don't love to wash flour out of her jeans when she forgets and wipes her hands on them!

x Jo

Heckety said...

Oh wow! I'm drooling- what a gloriour fabric stash... and yes I've done all those things too!! As has my Mom so every so often I get a call 'I don't suppose you want....' Yes yes yes!
I 'd love an apron from the green daisy pattern, but I love the big floral fabrics too! What a lovely notion for a giveaway- you are very kind!

Daisy said...

How very generous of you, Diana! I would love to have an apron. I like either the apple fabric or the daisy fabric, but they are all quite pretty, so any of them would make a nice apron. Happy Blog Anniversary to you! :-)

ladydi said...

Heather, thank you for sharing your preference! I made yours out of the daisy fabric, with the apple print on the reverse side since the fabric isn't thick enough on it's own to absorb many spills. These aprons are to be spilled on!

Lady Hopwood, do you have a preference for your daughter's apron? If she likes guitars I have an enormous amount of black background with bright colored guitars on it, or any of the others shown.

Daisy, I was hoping you'd like the daisy fabric. I already finished Heather's, and there's plenty more for an apron for you.

Suzanne said...

What a great idea to make aprons and use up all that pretty fabric.
While you buy the fabric I tend to buy lots of pretty patterned papers and have quite a collection.

ladydi said...

Suzanne, I do hope you can use an apron. Or perhaps one of your children? Which fabric would you like?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh sorry Diana! I've only just noticed your reply!I like the apples fabric and the sewing one too - I just felt cheeky saying so in my first comment! ;o) Lucy xx

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, my kitchen is full of Apple designs ...what do I have to do to get an apron made out of that apple design fabric you have?
Ginny, (who needs an Apple Apron)

ladydi said...

Ginny, I am looking forward to making an apple apron for you! I'm so glad it will fit into your kitchen theme.

Lucy, it will be fun to make the pin cushion, thread, and scissors apron for you. That fabric was a dress my m-i-l gave me years ago. It was cute, but unfortunately made me look like a hippo. An apron will be a much better use for it!

I have to work five days this week, so I may not get the aprons done until the weekend. Someone at work had the nerve to give me her jeans to replace the zipper in, yesterday. "Pleeease, they're my favorite jeans." So I may try to get those out of the way so I can enjoy the aprons without that hanging over me.

Lady Hopwood said...

Hi Di, no preference for madam's apron - guitars sound like fun though!

Lady Hopwood said...

The lovely apron arrived this morning and DD is thrilled - thank you so much Di, she loves it!