Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas is everywhere. The tree comes down after over eleven months in the attic, we plug it in, and the lights come on. Really - no fiddling with plugs and wires and tiny bulbs. It just comes on, which sounds like magic to me.
Getting our treasures out for another season of joy.
Saying hello to the Raggedys again. They look good for being 35 years old, don't they?
The fun we have playing the piano (very badly) and singing Christmas carols together.

The best magic of all - the birth of Jesus.

Wishing you and yours joy during this magical season.


Suzanne said...

I really had to smile as soon as I saw the Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls, it really only seems like the other day they made their appearance on your blog.
Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorations with us and reminding us the Birth of Jesus is why Christmas is here.

ladydi said...

Hi, Suzanne! It's fun to bring the boxes of decorations down from the attic and enjoy them again.

Daisy said...

Diana, your house looks lovely all decked out for the holidays. It is fun to pull them out and set them all up every year, isn't it. I think your Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are really cute too. Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

Heckety said...

I love your decorations! Half the fun part of Christmas is digging out all the old things and the memories which go with them, and listening to everyone remind themselves and each other of the stories- even the 'd'you remember when you broke this because you had it tied to your head and fell over..' sort of stories!
Or maybe other families don't have those sort of memories...