Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too soon old, too late smart.

I keep making these! One of our patients admired the one at work, so I made one for her. A birthday gift for a coworker.
I like it against the green blanket.

I made a decision. Yay! I am going to hire someone else at work to help fill in for all the times when we need an extra person. I have worked six days a week for the last several weeks, trying so hard to make do with the personnel we have. It's not working, and I certainly don't intend to spend the summer working ridiculous hours. I have swimming to do!

A very nice gal is coming for an interview tomorrow, and I hope she'll start training right away, and be able to be a big help before very long.
As the title suggests, I waited way too long to do this, but I was feeling a bit gun shy. Last fall I hired two gals. One trained with us for FOUR WEEKS, and then decided the job is too stressful, and she quit. The other one accepted the part time position we had to offer, and then found a full time job almost immediately, and quit. It's expensive to train someone, and I was feeling a bit burned after those two experiences.

I'm feeling quite optomistic about this applicant, and I trust it will all work out.


Suzanne said...

Hello Diana,

I hope you are able to find someone suitable, it can be hard to work 6 days a week, you need some time for yourself.

Good luck and hope it goes well with the interview.

Owen Phillips said...

Hi Di, glad you liked the flowers, it is wild how all of a sudden there's all these colors all over the place... I'm in a state of sensory overload... thanks for dropping by... you know, a few months ago, I had no idea where this blogging business was going to lead, but I can see now what a huge world it opens, and how much fun people are having with it... glad to be participating in a small way. Guess all those cookies are gone by now, huh ?

Tine said...

Your work is fantastic as always :) I am so happy to be reading your blog this evening! I am a bit frustrated about my paper....it just doesn't come together as I want it to :/
Anyway....I think it is a great idea to hire someone to help out at work. You seem to be working a lot, and you do have a lot to do besides work!!!
The part-time job is a wonderful opportunity for someone (like myself) who really wants to have a job, but can't make it all work out when working full time. I do hope it works out for you! That would be such a relief!

Daisy said...

Best of luck to you with the situation at work, Diana. I hope it turns out better this time around. The wall hangings are beautiful. I'm sure those you made them for will enjoy them.