Friday, March 13, 2009

The doll

When my sister, Sara, and I were ages two and three, we had dolls with the remarkable names of "Long Hair" and "Blue Dress". I'm sure you have gathered what their outstanding characteristics were. :>} Along the same vein, I'd like you to meet "Pink Shoes", "Pinky" for short. I used my Raggedy Ann and Andy pattern, circa 1974, this time making the smallest one which is 10 inches. Putting cluster stuffing into those tiny little limbs was certainly a trial. I'd poke it in and it would come floating out. Perhaps regular stuffing would have worked better! I wasn't sure how yarn hair would hold up in the care of a 1 1/2 year old, so I used fabric hair. That's why she needed a hat - to improve the appearance of her hair. (Did you ever see the comic strip "Nancy" from a quarter century ago? That's what her hair looks like.)

I did finish quilting the third baby quilt, which is for the baby brother of the little gal this doll ensemble is for.

I'm very excited to start my next project!


Daisy said...

Aw...Pinky is adorable. You did a fantastic job on this doll, Diana. I'm sure she will be well loved.

The Gingerbread House said...

Well, guess you can stuff other good things besides stuffing someone I know with Ice water!!
The Doll in the bed gave me a good smile...I think it's cute! What are you thinking of making next!

Suzanne said...

Raggedy Ann and Andy are favourites of mine. I think I may have told you that before.

I love your doll and I really adore the names you and your sister had chosen.

Owen Phillips said...

Hi Di, thanks for your comments this week on a couple of posts... I'm getting alot of visitors according to the counter, but few are leaving comments. I know I'm a guy and shouldn't be commenting about dolls and things like that, but I really think you are amazing with all these wonderful creations... that will be a lucky young person who gets your doll. And amazing too that you still have the patterns from 1974 ! You are more like my Mom than you know. . . she has all kinds of sewing things from ages ago. You would really enjoy seeing her I think, I gather it's been a while. Well, if you happen to be in Philadelphia, give them a call. You have their phone and e-mail ?