Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doll quilt

One of the baby quilt recipients has a sister who is just a year and a half old. I don't really know her, but I couldn't give the new baby a quilt and not make something for her. One of our patients at work has a business making wooden doll furniture, and last year I bought this bed from him thinking it would come in handy some day. Sure enough, it did! I'm wondering if I should make a doll to go with it. Making the doll bedding was so much fun. I used Jodie's quartered nine patch pattern for this one, too, and just added another row of posts and squares. What a versatile pattern!
Two of the baby quilts are quilted, bound, and finished! I am not very good at quilting, but I won't get better if I don't practice. I finished unpicking the third one, and will try again with the quilting later this week. (Right after I finish the doll. :>})

I know, I'm a coward. I just did a plain old grid. Again. Someday I must try meandering.
I hope you have a good week.

P.S. Have you ever seen the movie "Freaky Friday" with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis?
In the part right after they've switched bodies, Anna looks in the mirror in horror and says, "I'm OLD. Like the crypt keeper." It's too funny! I had a birthday last week and blogger is up to the minute posting my new age with no help from me.


Suzanne said...

Love your quilts Diana. Now you have me wondering what day was your birthday. My birthday was last week too, the 4th March.

The Gingerbread House said...

Hi Ladydi, I think the doll would be a cute thing to make...and it would make someone happy :o)..
"Happy Belated Birthday" < how did I miss that? Ginny

CathyJean said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. Your quilting is beautiful!:)
Please come over to visit me - I have an award for you.

Daisy said...

All your handiwork is so lovely, Diana. That doll bed is cute. I'm sure it will be well loved.

Happy Belated Birthday to you! Hope it was a fun one. :D

Suzanne said...

Happy belated birthday to you. Hope you had a wonderful day.