Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warm fuzzies

Aren't these the funniest mittens? The procedure is called "thrumming" and you just knit some roving (unspun wool) into your mittens at intervals, leaving it poofy on the inside for added warmth. I wore them for the first time today, and my hands were cozy warm. They are far from perfect, but I like them just the way they are. Warm!
When we walked Mom to the dining room on Sunday evening, they were temporarily out of bibs. The tired old striped terry bibs with worn edges were all in the wash, which gave me a splendid idea. I happen to have a bit of fabric on hand, so I decided to make 45 bibs for the patients in the memory unit.
When WalMart was closing their fabric department a year and a half ago, they were selling it all for 75 percent off. I had no idea what I would do with horse fabric; I may have been thinking of another I Spy quilt. It makes a nice bib!
This is printed quilt hexagons, looking for all the world like someone painstakingly pieced them. I'll have more to show you soon. I have some excellent rooster fabric I'm going to use next.
We inherited three Christmas cactuses from a friend who died, and we already had the one I show every year. This is the first to bloom - such beauty!
Wishing you the best, as always.


Daisy said...

What a sweet and wonderful idea to make bibs from your surplus fabric. They look very nice. I'm sure they will be much appreciated. You're such a generous and thoughtful person, Diana. :-)

The mittens look nice and cozy, and the Christmas cactus is beautiful! My Grandmother owned a Christmas cactus that had gorgeous blooms every year, so whenever I see one I think of her.

ladydi said...

Aww, thank you, Daisy. It really is fun for me to be able to play with so many different fabrics. I didn't know Christmas cacti came in so many different colors. This one is a lovely coral.

Suzanne said...

What a lovely idea the bibs are and how kind of you to make them and nothing beats warm mittens.
I still like seeing your Christmas cactuses at Christmas, when ours are in bloom in June here :)

ladydi said...

Suzanne, I like knowing that the same things bloom here and in Australia, opposite sides of the world, and during opposite months.

I had to laugh when I read your mitten comment. Do you ever need mittens? The whole concept might seem silly to someone who lives where you do. LOL!

Diana said...

i love the mittens and your brother's socks too

ladydi said...

Hi, Diana! We share the same name and the same interests - nice!

Suzanne said...

Actually Diana, yes we dont really need mittens here but the weather this summer season sure has been crazy so you never know.