Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Early Fall Colors

We've been doing some home improvements this year, and we finally replaced our fifty year old kitchen counters. I miss the white counter tops; honestly, you could lose a rubber band or a penny on this color, but it is very pretty, and looks just like autumn.
The cabinet under the sink was worn out beyond ugly, from fifty years of someone standing in front of it washing dishes, and fifty years of occasional water leaks inside it. I love the new look!
Even though summer is over, the begonias are looking very nice.
These should go well with Larry's dark orange flannel shirt and brown corduroy pants. He loves his hand knit socks, even when they're a little - uh - colorful.
I went to Hobby Lobby for more sock yarn, and couldn't pass up this cute little bundle of fat quarters. I do appreciate the way they look like a lovely gift! (A fat quarter is a quarter yard cut the "fat way" rather than a linear quarter yard. It measures 22"x 18")
Larry went to buy a new winter cover for our pool. The salesman said, "We have good, better, and best!" Larry, having replaced many covers in 15 years said, "You mean crappy, mediocre, or may-last-two-years?" He bought the one that may last two years. It's always a sad day when we close the pool for the season.
The purple quilted purse I made three years ago was worn out, so I used some light brown upholstery suede to make a new one, with a tote bag to match. I do not travel light!
The days have started getting shorter, but autumn is really a lovely time of year much of the time. I won't mention that it's been just like November today, with 50 degrees F and rain.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I love your new counter tops and wish they were mine :o) I'm sick of my white top :o( but for now I don't want the expense! I'm sure Larry doesn't mind the bright colors in his socks :o) once you get the feel of handmade socks you don't want any others , color doesn't count it's comfort ..

Heckety said...

Love your counter tops! and your yellow begonias! and wow! to Larry's socks- they are great!! Like his take on the quality of the pool covers, unfortunately he could say the same to a lot of things one buys.
I like Autumn too. Our summer weather was just awful, but the colours on the trees are gorgeous now, and there's a bit of a smoky bite to the air. I like the change of seasons, although we have been told to batten the hatches for an even worse winter this year.
Ho hum!

Daisy said...

Your counter top and cabinets are so pretty, Diana! It's exciting to make home improvements. Makes things feel new again. Your purse and tote bag and Larry's socks are lovely too. You've been busy! :-)

Suzanne said...

Your new kitchen counter looks lovely and so easy to keep clean.
Larry's socks are a wonderful beautiful combination of colours and been Autumn those fat quarters sure needed to go home with you.