Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going shopping

You've heard me say over and over that I am not a shopper. I dislike shopping, and the only way I enjoy it at all is if I can walk to get there.

But. . . you've also heard me say that though I love my sewing machine and it has given me 37 good years, it's tired.

So today, being my day off, I am going sewing machine shopping. Fortunately for me, Jodie is also going shopping and she asked her many readers for recommendations. I read every comment and even took notes so I am ready.



Daisy said...

Oh! This is exciting news! Good luck, Diana. I hope you find the perfect one. My sewing machine is about 40 years old too, but I sew so rarely anymore that I probably won't get a new one.

ladydi said...

Hi, Daisy! For now I am suffering from sticker shock, and am thinking maybe my old machine will last a bit longer. :>} The Bernina shop I went to started with the top of the line, and by the time I decided it has all the features I really like, I discovered it is three times what I expected. Then they showed me the lesser models, but by then I was spoiled. I have one more shop to visit before I make a decision. . .but my decision will probably be to have mine serviced one more time.

I really do believe in the saying,"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." :>} I had just forgotten temporarily.

Tine said...

I absolutely understand what you mean! I had my machine serviced a few weeks ago, and it made a world of difference.But mine is not 37 years old - more like 10. I did get caught up in the whole, I need a new machine....but I just don't have the money right now.
I am looking forward to seeing what you decide to do. After 37 years I would say it is ok to update!

Suzanne said...

Its so exciting getting a new sewing machine, but one thing I am sure you will notice, the new ones are no where near as tough as those old ones.

ladydi said...

The kicker was. . .this $6000 sewing machine had a stitch option to mimic hand stitching! That's when I came to my senses.