Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random thoughts

The problem with blogging for nearly three years, is that I do the same things every year. This is probably the third time I have posted pictures of our Christmas cactus in bloom. I am amazed that something green and kind of odd looking can turn into this most magnificent, glorious thing of beauty. Mother Nature, you rock!
(Please observe Mr. Cat, as usual right in the middle of the project at hand.)
Larry and I went to a nature themed quilt show the Metro Park in Rocky River was hosting. I took lots of photos, but have been hesitant to share them due to an article I read in a quilting magazine. I guess the rules of quilting etiquette state that one does not post photos of other peoples' work without their permission, and this includes someone's design that another person has made. Including my own work, using another's pattern. AAK! It kind of spoils the fun of blogging.
Many of the quilts I've posted photos of have been my own designs, but I sometimes do use a pattern, and give credit where it is due. According to the article, that is not enough. You must also get permission from the designer. Well, phooey, that just makes it too hard.
As I'm typing, a remark my nephew has made, comes to mind. TLDR. It stands for "too long, didn't read" which I can picture this post becoming. LOL!
I'm sure you are being bombarded with advertising, as I am, in your email and your letter box. "Last chance to save!" they proclaim, just as though they're not going to send you another message the next day. When you see the photos of more and more stuff, much of which will end up in a landfill within a few years, it's sobering.
Of course we want to give our loved ones gifts, but not something that will just become part of the overcrowded landfills. Ideally, gifts become cherished posessions, but if they even end up at Goodwill or the used book store I won't feel too badly. At least someone else gets the chance to enjoy them. But that orange Christmas tree made in China and bought by some misguided buyer for an American store is truly not going to be cherished for long by anyone. What were they thinking?
Tomorrow we will celebrate my mom's 88th birthday. The chocolate cake just came out of the oven, and is cooling so I can frost it. When I was growing up she liked lemon cake and orange cake and sponge cake. Now she likes chocolate cake, just like I do!


The Gingerbread House said...

That's one beautiful Cactus Plant! I've never had much success with these...I didn't see the cat! Ginny

The Gingerbread House said...

Guess I commented on the wrong post :o( Happy Birthday wishes for your Mom.. 88 is a significant one to be admired...Ginny

anne from finland said...

Your cactus looks so lovely! I´ve two of them, but they haven´t yet decided if they are Easter cactii or Christmas cactii. Last summer they were very mixed because of the very hot weather and bloomed even in the summer. So now it is third time this year.. Happy Birthday to your mother!

Suzanne said...

I love seeing your Christmas catus every time, as ours are in flower in June. I still remember the time Tim wanted one for his birthday.
Happy 88th birthday to your mum.
While I dont like to bombard you with links this is something I have bookmarked in my computer and find it great reading. Its about minimal living.
Happy weekend to you.

Daisy said...

Your Christmas cactus is beautiful! I had not heard of not posting photos of other's quilts before. I guess I just never thought of that before.
Happy birthday to your mom. Chocolate cake is my favorite too. :)

Tine said...

Your Christmas cactus is beautiful! I will come back and look at this next year too - and the year after that! One of the things I like about blogging for a longer time is, that I get to see these recurring things in my friends' lives, just like I do with my friends who live closer :)

Margaret said...

That Christmas cactus is beautiful. It's the first time I've seen it. I say keep posting!
Happy Birthday to your Mom.

ladydi said...

You gals rock too, just like Mother Nature! Thank you for all your kind comments. I have gotten a bit bogged down lately what with work and one thing and another, and haven't posted very faithfully.

Heckety said...

Chocolate cake? Am I invited?? Many happy returns to your Mom!
An orange Christmas tree...the mind boggles...and what you say about things ending up in landfill is so true, and so distressing.

I love the TLDR, its ace!!

Heckety said...

Oh and the Cactus is gorgeous! Mine was beautiful a few weeks ago too- I so love them!

Careysquirks said...

I love your cactus!! It is gorgeous. My mother in law puts three different colors in a pot together which makes for an awesome display. Happy birthday to your Mom!